Why us?

We live Customer Centricity!

Frankly speaking, we are no trained and well studied theoretical tourism experts. Wow. BUT THIS IS YOUR ADVANTAGE!

We see the world and your vacation rental through the eyes of YOUR customers – and we consider that to be more important than theoretical talk.

With our homebase in Frankfurt, Germany, we have traveled the world from Kharkiv in Ukraine to Moloka’i, Hawai’i, from Key West to the Olympic National Park, from Prince Edward Island to San Diego – everything in between and the Yukon Territory and Alaska as well, as business and leisure travelers and have seen and experienced pretty much everything you can imagine. This wealth of experience is your advantage: we can see the wishes and needs of your guests even before they arise in their heads! We predict that the guest will miss a garbage bag here or a translation of the „House Rules“ into German there.

We speak the language of your guests!

We see your vacation property through the eyes of your guests and evaluate it accordingly. Not on the basis of any high level checklists that have been hatched in dark rooms by so called experts that have never seen anything else than a large-city hotel room, but on our own checklists based on experiences from around the world from the guest’s perspective.

Travel stands for other cultures, other people, new experiences and foreign languages. Imagine, however, the warm, pleasant feeling of being greeted in your native language, flawlessly and without the appearance of an automatic translation program.

This is where we come in! We offer professional translations into the most common languages of your guests, translated and checked by a wide network of native speakers. This is an additional, personal touch that your guests will remember very well.

Positive side-effect: if your guests understand the instructions for use of your stove well because it is in their native language, they will handle the appliance with more care and the „trial and error phase“ will be eliminated. A monetary advantage that should not be underestimated if your electrical devices last longer because they are used properly!

This is where our multilingual E-Guest-Directory joins in. Take a look here, it will blow your mind!

We act responsibly and reliably!

We treat your vacation home as if it were our own. We would never recommend anything that we would not do, use, buy or apply ourselves, all within reasonable financial limits. And yet we do everything to give your guests a memory that will last for years. We would like to convice you that this is not a contradiction!

Our goal: Peace of mind…..