What you´ll get


..words and pictures can work together to communicate more powerfully than either alone

(William Albert Allard, photographer and author)

You want to get the most out of your vacation property, think „there is more“ but don´t know which screw to turn?

You believe that you have a well-running vacation property and would simply like to ask someone outside if your assessment is correct?

Do you have your own homepage? How do you present yourself on booking pages?

Have you put yourself in the right light, or can we help to optimize? 

Let´s find out if the description and accompanying pictures make a perfect symbiosis to give potential guests an impression of what to expect on their dream vacation.

Furnishing and equipment analysis and optimization

We analyze the furnishing and equipment of your vacation property and make suggestions how you could make it even more pleasant for your guests. Not on the basis of standard lists from a theoretical textbook, but with the help of our OWN checklists which have resulted from our extensive experience from around the world. From the perspective of your guests!

In general, this is possible through filled and returned check lists and photos, so it can be done remotely.

For even better results we would be happy to arrange, on request, an annual appointment for a personal on-site inspection with detailed photo protocol and report (highly recommended!) – this is not as expensive as you think and the results will definitely outweigh the effort!

Location and point of interest analysis

Where is your vacation property located? Why are people looking for a vacation rental where your vacation rental is located? What attractions are there in the area? What´s on your doorstep? What are the advantages of a vacation rental compared to a hotel? What is the unbeatable advantage of YOUR vacation rental?

What is your USP?

(Unique selling proposition)

We determine the environment and identify which points and places could be interesting for your guests. Which of them have already been taken into account or which have perhaps been overlooked and offer potential. All under the premise:

Why is YOUR vacation rental THE place to be?


Go multilingual!

Of course, your guests should be able to speak and understand the English language, but we will help you to give your guests the REAL „home away from home“ feeling – what could be nicer to be greeted in your mother tongue? Error-free and without „funny“ translation confusion? Let us help you to make all your existing texts in the internet, on booking pages, your homepage, in the guest directoryavailable in several languages, as per your guests profiles. Translated, checked and approved by our wide network of native speakers.

E-Guest Directory

Go E-Guest Directory!

Do you have a guest directory? Wonderful!

Do you know our E-Guest Directory?

Take a look at the sample here – it contains everything that makes your guests‘ stay more comfortable and allows them to find their way around more quickly.

Perfect tailored to you, available in different languages! What does this all have to do with a QR code on your microwave? Check it out here! We ensure that all links included in the E-Guest Directory work – by default, this is checked twice a month, we are happy to arrange shorter intervals if required.

Communication Support

With your guests

We support you with pre and post-stay communication with your guests – from arrival information with access details to your vacation property, multilingual, through the E-Guest Directory or direct communication to post-stay communication (i.e. complaints or review handling).

With your service providers

We are happy to assist with the coordination of the booking plans with your service providers, communicate with housekeeping, arrange special requests with service providers on site (a bouquet of flowers for an anniversary here, a basket full of specialities as special attention for returning regular guests there) – we coordinate with your existing service providers or help you find new local service providers.