E-Guest Directory

Imagine a world…

… where all information you need right now is just one click away…

OK, this world already exists, it´s called „the internet“

Imagine, however, your guests could access the information about everything they need during their stay in your vacation property just as easily. In their native language. Wouldn´t that be great? Your guests would love it! Introducing our all new, multilingual, multi-modular…

Introducing our

E-Guest Directory

Multi-device optimized, multilingual, multimodular – our multi-assistant!

  • Multi-Device optimized:
    • However you would like to access the E-Guest Directory, you will always find an optimized page view. No shifted images or invisible text passages, via PC, tablet or cell phone.
  • Multilingual
    • Whole content available in the languages you want – we speak the language of your guests!
  • Multimodular
    • No fixed content, only recommendations – we´ll custom build YOUR E-Guest Directory, tailor-made according to your wishes, ideas and desired content.

You already have a guest directory, in print form? Great! Let us transfer it to a new level!


How a small code can save you a lot of $$$

You have probably seen such small codes before:

Attached to the electrical devices (which are a little more complicated than „on / off“) in your vacation property, these tiny little codes are an incredible relief for your guests and worth CASH for you. So what´s the story behind it?

Scanned with a mobile device such as a cell phone or a tablet, it leads directly to your brief operating instructions for exactly this device within the E-Guest Directory. With possible translations into French, German, Italian…. – according to your wishes.

And a guest who knows exactly how a device works because he has read the operating instructions in his own language will handle the device more carefully because he does not have to try around. And THAT will extend the life of your electrical appliances.

The module „Operating Instructions“ within the E-Guest-Directory package includes QR-Codes in various sizes, per device. We will provide you with these durable, individual (they´ll link to your personal E-Guest-Directory) stickers.


Further possible, optional modules

Familiarize your guests with the floor and evacutaion plans, as embedded picture, as well as the rules of conduct in case of emergency and emergency phone numbers.


Take the opportunity to say a few words of welcome to your guests. It conveys a warm atmosphere and can provide the guest with the first „I am welcome“ feelings – maybe with a picture of you as well as contact options. Unbeatable advantage: available in the native language of your guests!


Things that make life easier for your guests in your vacation property.


The classic, of course!


Integration of various tiles or buttons to link to useful information!


Why not include maps?


Every E-Guest Directory is unique!

The E-Guest Directory is a modular system, perfectly an individually tailored to your wishes and ideas and built only for you by us. Our goal is:

Every E-Guest Directory is unique!

Because your vacation property is unique in its form. Pictures, text modules, content modules… everything made individual to meet your requirements!

Do you have precise ideas and a „manual“, printed guest directory? Perfect! We implement your wishes or transfer existing elements into the electronic age.

You have no ideas and do not know what should be included? No problem at all, we will make recommendations and we will go step by step, together with you, through the creation of this great, fascinating tool.


The E-Guest Directory package includes:

  • The first development of your E-Guest Directory, according to your ideas and in close coordination
  • A one-year maintenance that includes the webspace and the maintenance of the content. All content, all links are checked for functionality twice a month (if necessary more often, if agreed). Any non-functioning links and functionalities are reported immediatelly and corrected in consultation with you
  • The annual maintenance portion includes an adjustment of the content once a month if the changes are within the contractual framework